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Introduction of Nosferatu

Max Schreck plays Count Orlok in F. W. Murnau’s silent German Expressionist horror film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, which was released in 1922. It is an unofficial version of Bram Stoker’s 1897 book Dracula, produced by Prana Film. To protect its source, Dracula, the movie was retitled Count Orlok; nonetheless, the original German intertitles recognised Dracula as the source. Stoker’s heirs sued in spite of the modification, and the court ordered that all copies be destroyed. Even yet, Nosferatu managed to survive in several prints, cementing its status as a seminal work of horror film.


Cast in Nosferatu

  • Max Schreck as Count Orlok
  • Gustav von Wangenheim as Thomas Hutter
  • Greta Schröder as Ellen Hutter
  • Alexander Granach as Knock
  • Georg H. Schnell as Shipowner Harding
  • Ruth Landshoff as Ruth
  • John Gottowt as Professor Bulwer
  • Gustav Botz as Professor Sievers
  • Max Nemetz as The Captain of The Empusa
  • Wolfgang Heinz as First Mate of The Empusa
  • Hardy von Francois [de] as Mental Hospital Doctor
  • Albert Venohr [de] as Sailor Two
  • Guido Herzfeld as Innkeeper
  • Karl Etlinger as Student with Bulwer
  • Fanny Schreck as Hospital Nurse

Production of Nosferatu

Founded in 1921 by Enrico Dieckmann and Albin Grau, Prana cinema was the first German silent-era cinema studio to produce the vampire picture Nosferatu, which was inspired by a wartime experience. Despite Prana Film not having the film rights, Henrik Galeen, a student of Hanns Heinz Ewers, was tasked with writing a script based on the Dracula novel. With the identities of the individuals changed and the plot device of the vampire spreading the disease to Wisborg by rats on the ship, Galeen set the narrative in the fictitious north German harbour town of Wisborg. The film was filmed in a number of places, including Lauenburg, Rostock, Sylt, and the Salzspeicher in Lübeck.

The movie’s exterior scenes were shot at Wismar, Lübeck, Lauenburg, Rostock, and Sylt, and filming on the picture started in July 1921. Locations in northern Slovakia, such as the High Tatras, Vrátna dolina, Orava Castle, the Váh River, and Starý Castle, were used to film the movie. Exteriors were shot in the Tegel Forest, and interiors were shot in the JOFA studio in the Johannisthal neighbourhood of Berlin.

There was just one camera accessible to cameraman Fritz Arno Wagner, meaning he possessed one unique negative. Murnau, the director, adhered closely to Galeen’s screenplay but had to rewrite twelve pages because of textual gaps. Murnau painstakingly planned, matching every shot scene with a drawing and regulating the performing tempo with a metronome.

Music of Nosferatu

Over the years, several soundtracks for the movie Nosferatu—which is based on the novel by Hans Erdmann—have been released. Composer James Bernard, known for his work on Hammer horror films, composed the score for a 1997 reissue. Gillian Anderson and James Kessler recreated Erdmann’s original music in 1995, rearranging certain lost parts. Unrelated classical music were added by German composer Berndt Heller. Jozef van Wissem, a Dutch composer, reworked the Nosferatu score in 2022, adding electronic guitar and distorted bird sounds. In 2023, the Louisville Orchestra commissioned a new music for piano and full orchestra, which was performed live along with the movie.

Release of Nosferatu

F. W. Murnau’s picture Nosferatu made its Dutch premiere on February 16, 1922, at the Flora and Olympia theatres in The Hague. It made its debut in Germany on March 4, 1922, at the Berlin Zoological Garden’s Marmorsaal. The German film premiered at Berlin’s Primus-Palast on March 15, 1922. Die zwölfte Stunde – Eine Nacht des Grauens (The Twelfth Hour: A Night of Horror), the sound version from the 1930s, was altered and unapproved. When it was published on May 16, 1930, in Vienna, Austria, it had a lot of sequences that director Waldemar Roger, also known as Waldemar Ronger, had directed and extra material shot by cameraman Günther Krampf. The credits no longer include the name of the movie.

Remake of Nosferatu

David Lee Fisher adapted Werner Herzog’s 1979 film Nosferatu the Vampyre in 2014. Robert Eggers directed the picture, which employed green screen to provide coloured backdrops. Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen produced it for Studio 8. When Eggers learned that the movie would be his second, he expressed astonishment in 2016 and said it seemed blasphemous and unpleasant. Anya Taylor-Joy was set to act in an unidentified role in 2017. Bill Skarsgård as Orlok and Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter, the film will be distributed by Eggers, Focus Features confirmed in 2022. May 19, 2023, marked the end of main filming on the movie. Jones’s last update in 2020.



Nosferatu Download Full Movie in 720p

Nosferatu Download Full Movie in 1080p

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