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Introduction of Foe Movie

Based on the same-titled book by Iain Reid, Garth Davis’ science fiction psychological suspense film Foe was created. A stranger interrupts a married couple in the movie by giving the husband the choice to go to a space station while his wife stays with a robot. The movie will have its debut at the New York Film Festival on September 30, 2023.Amazon Studios will release the movie in the US on October 6, 2023.

Foe-movie-download-in-HD-Filmyzilla-720p-4k Download

Cast in Foe Movie

  • Saoirse Ronan as Henrietta
  • Paul Mescal as Junior, Henrietta’s husband
  • Aaron Pierre as Terrance

Production in Foe Movie

It was confirmed in June 2021 that Iain Reid, who wrote the novel, and Garth Davis will collaborate on the script and serve as both the movie’s director and co-writer. The actors were identified as Paul Mescal, Lakeith Stanfield, and Saoirse Ronan. In October, Aaron Pierre was selected to succeed Stanfield. The shooting began in Melbourne in January 2022, and it was completed in South Australia in April 2022.

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Release Date of Foe Movie

# On August 17, 2023


Foe-movie-download-in-HD-Filmyzilla-720p-4k Download
Foe-movie-download-in-HD-Filmyzilla-720p-4k Download
Foe-movie-download-in-HD-Filmyzilla-720p-4k Download

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